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How to find the best functional strength training in an affordable gym in Kalamunda?

Functional fitness is based on exercises we can all do to enhance our lives and how we move daily. You’re replicating the movements you would do in your everyday life, like reaching up to the cupboard to get a glass. You may even aim to improve your performance in a specific sport, so functional training in an affordable gym in Kalamunda can help with this too. This training is gaining more traction worldwide and can be a holistic approach and healthy movement.

What is functional strength training?

Functional training is fitness training focusing on movements that help you function better in your everyday life. For instance, a deadlift can help you train to pick up a heavy ecommerce delivery box off your porch without pulling a muscle in your back. While this is just one example, our bodies are designed to move in different ways categorised into human movement patterns. For instance, we’re made to push and pull with our upper body, hinge at the hips, bend into a squat, lunge or step up, and rotate. The purpose of training in each of these movements is to keep muscles functioning as they were designed. Functional training typically uses compound movements, meaning you bend at multiple joints and recruit several muscle groups to achieve the movement.

Basics of functional fitness

The aim is to prepare your body for ‘purposeful movement’. In other words, every action has a purpose – it’s not just about hitting 25 push-ups fast. Any functional fitness movement like a squat or a lunge is about engaging several joints and muscle groups and building on your strength and mobility slowly and safely. Ultimately the goal is to enhance and build on the functional moves you make throughout your day.

Functional strength training exercises

These exercises are built on regular movement patterns such as the squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, and core control. As a newbie, your best bet is to start with exercises such as bodyweight squats and lunges, dumbbell rows and deadlifts, push-ups and planks. Learn how to perform the fundamental movement patterns with the correct form training in an affordable gym in Kalamunda and build your coordination and muscle control. As your skills, strength and confidence improve, you can increase the difficulty by trying more complex or challenging exercises or adding extra weight.

Benefits of functional strength training

Functional fitness training is a great option for almost all kinds of people. Whether you want to begin your fitness journey, are ready to level up your existing workout routine, or want to achieve specific fitness goals, like enhancing muscular endurance, improving balance, or flexibility. This versatile training also reduces the risk of injury during your day-to-day life, like when cleaning remote areas with your hands and knees or lifting a heavy box and walking up the stairs. That’s why functional strength training is so beneficial for people of all ages to maintain proper flexibility as they age.

Is there a difference between CrossFit and functional strength training?

Yes! While some movements may mirror those in a CrossFit class, functional fitness is more about injury prevention and training your body to move better. CrossFit is focused on strength and conditioning with a mix of heavy weights and high-intensity workouts to build a body capable of practically anything and everything. However, functional fitness training is made up of exercises that replicate the activities we do in our daily lives. For example, squats are a practical exercise that mimics sitting down and standing up from a chair. Functional fitness activities are an engaging, fun and effective way to maintain healthy function in your body and muscles. So let’s help you get started with this form of training at Gym Tonic today!