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Experience the Benefits of Exercising with Heavy Weights

The best sign of good health is having toned body muscles. Interestingly, the more muscle mass you have, the higher calories your body burns, even through your daily activities. Activities like walking, swimming, and running are essential too. These activities help to raise the heart rate and bring oxygen to your brain. However, if you want to reap the best exercise results from the Kalamunda gym center, the benefits of exercising with heavy weights are undeniable.

The Difference Between Weightlifting Vs. Body Building

There is a difference between weightlifting and bodybuilding. With weight training, you will increase muscle mass, strengthen your bones, decrease fat, and increase muscle mass by lifting weight. The best part is it will not result in a bulked-up body. Instead, both men and women will enjoy the health benefits of weightlifting and get leaner and fitter.

The benefits of weightlifting include:

  • A leaner body
  • Higher bone and muscle strength
  • Higher energy
  • Better mood
  • Better sleep
  • Normalize appetite

Whether using weight machines or free weights, the challenge you set for yourself matters. While you go through the training sessions, you move up from one muscle group to another muscle group. For example, complete ten repetitions of two sets and then move to the next set.

How does the Body Builds Muscle?

When you opt for bodybuilding through weightlifting from Kalamunda gym center, you develop muscle in a process called hypertrophy. When the muscles are stressed during exercise, the fibers break down, triggering the body to repair the damage by regenerating more muscle fibers. Unfortunately, there is a side effect of this damage known as microtrauma. It is a minor muscle pain that happens after exercise. However, when you continue weightlifting, the body will adapt to the stress, and muscles become better to endure a higher weight load.

Strength training is highly effective while using heavy weights in the Kalamunda gym center. It overloads your muscles and sets off the muscle-building response of the body. Therefore, lifting heavier weights with lesser repetitions is better than more repetitions with lesser weights is better. However, NEVER try to raise more than you are ready for. You can lift the weight for 8-12 repetitions till you can’t take another rep without taking a rest. When you feel you can do more than 12 reps at one go, that's the time to add more weight.

How to Train Different Muscle Groups?

Weightlifting helps you to train different muscle groups. When you go to the Kalamunda gym center twice a week, you can work on the lower body one day and the upper body on the second session. The upper body includes the shoulders, chest, biceps, back, and triceps. The lower body consists of the gluteal, quadriceps, abdominals, calves, and hamstrings. You can lift weights more than twice a week. However, ensure not to train the same muscle two days a row. Allow your muscles 48 hours of recovery time and new muscles to build.

The Satisfaction of Daily Weightlifting

Saying "no pain, no gain" might sound extreme, but the gain of attaining a new fitness level feels great. You can check your fitness improvement. There is nothing better than a good workout at the Kalamunda gym center, and after that, nothing feels better than a few minutes of sauna or a simple hot shower. Another great reward of weightlifting is you shall get to rest. It is excellent to do a bit of aerobic exercise daily, even if that includes taking the stairs instead of the elevators. Also, you need to rest in between a few weight days at the gym so that your body gets the time to repair itself. That's how the muscle fibre will increase.

In Conclusion

The people that exercise daily become addicted to the routine. There could be days when the sofa seems more alluring than the gym shoes. But once you grab the workout bag, you will start feeling high. Weightlifting releases endorphins, the happy hormone. As you bring the exercises of the Kalamunda gym center into your life, it will be easy to manage your weight. You shall start to crave healthy foods, and fast foods will lose their appeal. Avoid excess sugar, salt, and pre-packaged and processed food.