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Best Fitness Gym in Kalamunda – 4 Mobility Exercises to Boost Fitness

When was the last time you thought of doing a mobility workout? In simple terms, mobility is the full range of motion of the muscles and joints. This is one of the most important aspects of fitness. According to the best fitness gym in Kalamunda, improving mobility helps in exercising in a much better way, prevents injuries, and reduces joint pain. Many people might think that mobility is flexibility, but it is more than that. Flexibility allows you to stretch a muscle, while mobility allows you to move a muscle in different ways. Did you know? Mobility training can improve the quality of life. With the increase in the ease of motion during an exercise, you will also feel the ease of motion while doing everyday tasks. Just like you train for aerobic endurance, flexibility and strength, you must also train for mobility, especially if you want to maintain a vibrant and active life. In the following segment of the blog, we will share the best and most effective mobility exercises that boost fitness.

1. Inchworms

The areas of focus for this exercise are the hamstrings, calves, and hips. The first step is to stand at the back of the mat with the feet hip-width apart and flat on the floor. The next step is to reach your hands to the floor and then push your hips back. Try to keep the knees straight. Next, walk your hands forward till you are in a full plan position. At this point, you will be in a plank with your hands under the shoulders, core tight. From there, walk your hands back to the toes, and keep the knees as straight as possible as you lift the hips in the air. Stand up completely and then repeat as directed.

2. PVC Passes

According to the best fitness gym in Kalamunda, this is one of the most effective exercises to enhance the mobility of the body. Hold the PVC pipe horizontally against the front of the body with the hands down and set wide. Then you must lift the pipe overhead, bring the arms behind you as much as possible, and touch the hips in the back. If you have limited shoulder mobility or it causes pain, you can bring the pipe straight overhead or slightly behind your head. Also, you can make your hands wider or bring them closer based on the mobility level. Keep the core tight and put your ribs down so you don’t arch the back.

3. Lunges with “World’s Greatest Stretch”

As per the best fitness gym in Kalamunda, this is yet another effective exercise to enhance the mobility of the body. Take an extended lunge forward with the right foot. In the lunge position, lean forward and put both hands on the ground. Twist and reach your left hand straight up into the sky and look at the fingers. Take four deep breaths and put the hand back on the ground. Get back to the standing position and then repeat it on the opposite side by leading with the left foot forward.

4. Band Pullovers

Get an attached band accessible overhead and lie flat on your back on the mat. Extend the arms overhead to grip the band, keeping the hands slightly wide than the hip-width apart. Keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent. For the movement, keep the hips, lower back, shoulders and head attached to the hips. Pause for a moment, and then while still holding the band, bring the arms back overhead in a controlled manner. If the lower back starts to come off the ground, push the belly back to the ground by tightening the core. If it is still coming off the ground, limit the range of motion until mobility improves.