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Explore a Ballet Barre Routine in the Best Fitness Gym in Kalamunda

Research has shown that long-term ballerinas are more skilled at their complex and composed craft and simple, everyday skills all humans use daily. Initially reserved for dancers only, Barre has morphed into the latest fitness craze, with studios popping up in droves across the country.

While several ballet-based workouts fall under the 'barre umbrella', most draw inspiration from the Lotte Berk Method, which combines ballet moves, yoga and Pilates to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. Barre makes sense for those looking to strengthen and tone, but it can also come in handy in all other areas of life. So look for the best fitness gym in Kalamunda and explore how beneficial this routine can be for you!

What is Ballet Barre Routine?

Barre is an all-body workout, focusing on toning, lengthening and stretching while utilising the elements of ballet barre, yoga, dance, Pilates and fitness within a class of around 45 minutes to an hour. It focuses on low-impact and high-intensity moves designed to tone and strengthen your body differently than other workouts. Barre is used to making you balance while making these isometric moves. Barre classes also sometimes include small balls, hand weights, and resistance bands to do floor work. The low impact of barre workouts focuses on properly aligning your body.

Which areas of the body are worked?

Barre works most parts of the body. It focuses on the core, arms, legs, and glutes. The low-impact movements will target the muscles within these body parts. High repetition exercises with lightweight and great form will help build and sculpt these muscle groups. It's great for your core. It enhances your posture, helps your muscles to work correctly, increases flexibility, aims at every muscle group and is considered a very "low injury risk" class. But most of all, it's sheer fun!

Who does Barre work for?

Barre sets no boundaries regarding age, weight or fitness level. Whether you are a newbie to fitness or have fallen off the workout wagon, it is excellent for all. Even if you've never danced, you don't have to worry, as instructors are trained to guide newcomers through movements and cater to all strength and flexibility levels. Barre is also an individual workout, so you can challenge yourself at your own pace without affecting anyone else's training in the class.

Many Barre classes can also be modified to be a safe workout option for pre- or post-natal clients. Barre is also a good cross-training option to pair with other exercises like running, heavy weight lifting or cycling because it strengthens the muscles needed for these exercises without being too stressful on the body.

Physical benefits of Barre

#Strength and definition

On the other hand, Barre workouts consist of a series of isometric contractions, meaning they don't involve any joint movement and the tension on the muscle is consistent instead of steadily built. So, you not only strengthen your strength over time but also define it more concisely.

#Enhanced Flexibility

You will slowly notice increased flexibility as you continually attend the Barre classes. Repeated stretches, plies, leg lifts, and lunges take their course; before you see it, your muscles are looser, longer and leaner.

#Good Posture

Barre helps to enhance your posture because your core muscles are engaged throughout the class and when muscles in your torso are strengthened. So, there's less pressure on your back, thus less of an inclination to slouch over!

#Low impact

Barre classes are less intense and place less pressure on you. You can even do Barre when you're pregnant or have minor injuries—make you do it under your instructor's guidance.

Mental Benefits of Barre

#Strengthens Concentration

Barre exercises also strengthen your brain's connection with your body, otherwise known as the neuromuscular connection.

# Mood enhancement

Not every Barre class is the same. However, these ever-changing variables make for a fun and exciting experience each time you go.

Final thoughts

Like any workout, Barre requires a balanced routine. In other words, don't do Barre at the expense of different types of exercise. The fittest bodies come from a combination of activities, including both aerobic and strength training moves. So lift, run, jump, and take a Barre class with the best fitness gym in Kalamunda.

So, if you want to explore something new and expand your fitness horizons, come check out a Barre Class with us today!